Value Management

Business is an exchange of value;  successful businesses are those that create a ‘fair’ and sustainable exchange

Taylored Solutions uses its proprietary Value Management Model concepts, with the associated methods and tools, to ensure that the exchange of value between business stakeholders is both managed and monitored in ways that maximise return for all parties.

The methods are tailored to meet your specific needs and will, for example, be different for an existing relationship than those used for a new one.

The model contains the following components:

Expectations Review

This is a review process through which the underlying assumptions and expectations of the parties in the relationship are explored.
It identifies where parties have gaps or differences in their understanding and their expectations about the relationship.

What is valuable to one person may not be to another!

Value Balance Sheet (aka the Value Exchange)

Provides a periodic ‘snap-shot’ of the relative contribution and return by parties in a relationship. This covers financial and non-financial factors and ensures that the value being exchanged is visible to all those involved. This is also a protection against changes in people.

A simplified version of this that can be used in some cases is called the Value Exchange Table. Download a free copy of the Value Exchange Table now, along with a short guide on how to use it.

Key Performance Indicators

This is the measurement of performance and service level delivery within the relationship. A common approach used it that of the Balanced Scorecard.

Business Relationship Scoreboard

This allows a party to monitor the overall value it derives from being in the relationship with the other party. This is particularly appropriate where there are multiple dimensions to the relationship, e.g. they have a number of different ventures together.


The net benefit of the Value Management programmes is the retention and protection of productive relationships  that are important to a business.

It does this through ensuring that there is a greater level of understanding about relationships, providing tools to make the exchange of value in the relationship more visible, improving parties alignment and understanding.

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