Smart companies are not afraid to ask for feedback: they ask for it, obtain it and actively use it to improve

All of the following surveys are conducted online with Taylored Solutions research partners. The are managed to ensure confidentiality and meaningful feedback.

Relationship Health Check

The Relationship Health Check survey is a means of monitoring how well the relationship is performing to Charter. It uses the Relationship Charter as the reference point to obtain peoples feedback on their experience of how well the relationship is performing. This ensures that the results are relevant to team members and reflect the intentions of the companies.

A repeatable metric, called the “positivity indicator” is produced and can be used to track performance over time.

Partnership Evaluation Survey

The Partnership Evaluation survey provides perceptions on how a relationship is performing. It is not specific to the aspirations on a particular Charter.   This survey also produces a repeatable metric, the “positivity indicator” to track performance over time.

Team Assessment Survey

The team survey is valuable in assessing the effectiveness of a team, as well as gaining insight about how people feel as a member of the team.  This survey is intended to be used as a guide to conversation and improvement.

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