Team Assessment Survey

The Team Assessment Survey is a valuable tool for assessing the effectiveness of a team, as well as gaining insight about how people feel as members of the team.

There are three parts to this survey:

  1. Team Effectiveness
  2. How Individuals feel
  3. Qualitative feedback about highs and lows of working in the team

Sample Questions:

Team Effectiveness
– Team Members are aware of and understand the Company Vision & Strategic Direction.
– There is a high degree of Trust, and conflict is dealt with immediately and worked through.
– There are effective processes, procedure and controls to guide the teams functioning.

– I feel Trusted
– I feel Appreciated
– I am committed to the whole Team and its performance.

Questions can be added or tailored to suit your needs.

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Client comments:

“The Team Effectiveness Survey provided me with insights that I might not otherwise have had the opportunity to pick up on. A very useful tool for ensuring ongoing and effective management and growing of the team”  Managing Director

“This survey has really helped us deal with problems in the team (and with the Mangers!). In one area, the team has gone from being really negative, to being really positive and productive.” HR Manager

“This survey has provided management with a very effective mechanism to monitor the staff perspective of the performance of the organisation and their engagement, with both quantitative and qualitative feedback being provided.

From the results management is able to identify the staff’s topical issues and take action to remedy whilst also monitoring the longer term perception trend.

The breakdown into various categories also allows for more in depth analysis and enables the development of more targeted management responses in order to increase team performance and staff engagement”  Alliance Performance Manager

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