Relationship Health Checking

Regular health checks mitigate the risk of relationship breakdown

health-check-256To ensure a relationship stays healthy and continues to create value for the parties involved, the leaders need to do a periodic ‘health check’.

This would typically involve gaining insight and understanding about the perceptions of team members about the relationship… remember, people’s perceptions are their reality.

This health check can include some or all of: a leaders review against expectations; discussions with team members; relationship health survey and follow up focus group discussion if useful.

The health check process will typically result in focused action to improve the relationship – ideally actioned in a way that encourages team ownership of any issues, rather than these being seen as something someone else needs to fix.

Health Check Survey: a valuable tool for monitoring the health of a relationship is to ask people how well they feel people are working in the ways described by the Charter. This monitors the overall relationship performance to charter.

The survey uses a seemingly simple model of asking people to rate their perceptions of performance against each of the principles/behaviours in the charter.

A Positivity Indicator can be produced to help track trends and overall levels of positive engagement.

The value of this approach is:

  1. highlights behavioural problem areas for action/ improvement
  2. ensures that the charter remains a real, living, reference for the team and drives their performance
  3. provides feedback for the Leaders to monitor whether the relationship is working as intended and defined in the Charter.

Taylored Solutions can help you develop this approach to best suit your needs.  We also have a strategic relationship with a research company, which enables us to run the health check survey process for you and report back to you with the findings.

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