Strategy and Planning

It has been said: Running a business without planning is like playing Russian Roulette on time delay – you pull the trigger today and two years later you find you’ve blown your brains out

Ensuring you have a successful future requires strategic thinking and planning. The Taylored Solutions team has expertise in all areas of Business and Relationship Strategy and in developing useful plans to help you achieve and sustain success.

A key foundation for success of any Business Strategy or Plan is strong stakeholder relationships, with all stakeholder groups (eg owners, directors, employees, customers, suppliers, community).

Partnering Relationship Strategies

will ensure you have a consistent, planned approach to stakeholder relationships. Consistency and clarity if intent is key to all types of relationships.

These may be developed overall for your business – or in context of a specific current need or opportunity.

Topics addressed in your Relationship Strategies would include:

  • Assess models and relationship options:  what are the different commercial models or types of relationships we could use and what best suits our business vision and intentions?
  • Identify opportunities:  what opportunities suit at this time and what might change in the future?
  • Plan best fit approach:  what approach best suits our business needs and will create the greatest value over time?
  • Develop relationship plans:  how will we develop and maintain the relationships? what needs to be done, when and by whom.

Taylored Solutions role can be that of consultant, advisor, facilitator, trainer or coach.


Business Strategies and Plans

are the foundation for the business. Our team can help you develop and implement your overall Business Strategies and Plans, with support in areas such as:

  • Visioning
  • Market and industry analysis
  • Governance models
  • Strategy development
  • Business model development
  • Operations planning
  • Organisation assessment and planning
  • Performance management
  • Business plan development.

Contact us now to explore ideas for improving your strategic relationships, and maximise the value they deliver.