The Answer to How is YES

Acting on What Matters

Peter Block

The Answer to How is YESIn brief:
In his classic book Stewardship, Peter Block showed how to free our organisations from stifling, control-obsessed bureaucracy and redesign them so that they are governed by the ideas of service, responsibility, accountability and meaning.

In The Answer to How is Yes, Block helps us realise similar ideals in our individual lives and offers the concept of social architect to balance the engineering and economist mindsets that flood most of our institutions.

Block offers a new way of thinking about our actions that helps free us from being controlled by the bombardment of messages about how we should live and act.

He shows how our obsession with tools and techniques actually prevents us from doing things we believe in, and he identifies what is required of us to not only know what matters but to act on that knowledge. He reframes leadership as the role of social architect where convening, engaging and defining the question replace vision, charisma and riving change.

The Answer to How is Yes confronts our passivity and blame. It argues for a life where we choose accountability and demand more compelling purpose from our work.

Most importantly, block inspires us to say “Yes” to our ideals and what we know to be true.

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