Getting Partnering Right

How Market Leaders Are Creating Long-Term Competitive Advantage

By Neil Rackham, Lawrence Freidman, Richard Ruff.

Getting Partnering Right by Neil Rackham, Lawrence Freidman, Richard Ruff.In brief:
Your company is facing relentless global competition. You know you can’t compete on price alone anymore. Your products look more and more like your competitors’ offerings. Your company has cut costs, restructured, reorganized, reengineered …and yet, true competitive advantage remains as elusive as it’s always been. Where do you go from here ?

For a growing number of organizations, the answer lies in building locked-in, highly profitable partnering relationships with customers and with other suppliers. Often, these partnerships bear little resemblance to traditional vendor-customer relationships. But they are providing market leaders with a nearly unassailable competitive edge.

In industries as diverse as high technology, retail, and manufacturing, the ability to partner effectively is separating the winners from the losers, the success stories from the horror stories. Most companies know they need to partner, the question is, how do you do it well?

In this book, Rackham, Friedman, and Ruff clear through the thicket of buzzwords and general concepts, and describe what real companies are doing to build long-term competitive advantage through partnering relationships. A practical, “how-to” book for suppliers, it details the best practices of dozens of market-Ieading partnering organizations. Based on a two-year research study at over a hundred successful companies, this is the source book you need to make partnering a reality-and a success-for your company.

“Getting Partnering Right is an insightful guide to the rewarding but difficult process of partnering. Before you initiate a partnership, read this book.”
-Lars Turndal, Chairman and CEO The Santa Cruz Operation

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