Building High Performance Business Relationships:

Rescue, Improve, and Transform Your Most Valuable Assets

By Tony Lendrum

Building High Performance Business RelationshipsIn brief:
A practical guide for building and maintaining high performance business relationships

Every business sinks or swims on the quality of its relationships and alliances, whether they are between management and staff, departments, subsidiaries, partners, suppliers, or customers. It’s no wonder then that building and maintaining high performance relationships has emerged as one of the hottest topics in today’s hypercompetitive, global business environment. This indispensable guide will help you to understand what high performance relationships are and how they work. Written by a distinguished pioneer in the field, it explains what a high performance business culture populated by a fully engaged workforce looks like. It describes simple, proven strategies and techniques for implementing and sustaining high performance relationships, both internally, within your organizations, and externally. And, it details the many benefits that await business organizations of any size that place greater emphasis on relationship performance management.

Offers simple and effective methods for building successful business and organizational relationships
Concise and easy to read, this book provides a common language and practice for high performance relationship management and critical change management
Arms you with an array of tested-in-the-trenches tools for building robust and sustainable high performance business relationships

From the Back Cover

The quality and performance of relationships—good, bad or indifferent—are critically linked to business success. Better business relationships will have a positive impact on an organisation’s financial success, customer and stakeholder satisfaction, sustainable competitive advantage, best practice, innovation and attitude. So how do your relationships rate?

Building High Performance Business Relationships will help your business rescue, improve and transform its most important relationships. In any market sector for any business size, relationships—whether they are internal or external, simple or complex, at an organisational, team or individual level—will benefit from a framework to guide them from their current state to a desired future state.

The clear models, handy tools and insightful diagnostics in this book are as relevant to directors in the boardroom as they are to sales, marketing and procurement professionals at the coalface, shop floor and operating levels, and all those in between.

If people are an organisation’s greatest asset, then the relationships they form are a prime indicator of their quality and performance. Improving your business relationships will provide a platform upon which superior performance, cultural transformation and competitive advantage can be sustained.

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