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Book: Getting Partnering RightGetting Partnering Right

How Market Leaders Are Creating Long-Term Competitive Advantage

Neil Rackham, Lawrence Friedman and Richard Ruff

Your company has cut costs, restructured, reorganized, reengineered …and yet, true competitive advantage remains as elusive as it’s always been.
Where do you go from here ?

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Alliance Competence

Maximizing The Value of Your Partnerships

Spekman, Isabella with MacAvoy

Strategic alliances are becoming more and more essential to the viability of a company. These alliances are pervasive throughout the corporate landscape and have a big impact on the way business is conducted across the globe.

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Book: The Strategic Partnering HandbookThe Strategic Partnering Handbook

The Practitioners Guide to Partnerships and Alliances

Tony Lendrum

Partnering is really a logical response to the globalisation of markets, increasingly intense competition, the need for faster innovation and the growing complexity of technology.

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Book: NOW, Discover YOUR StrengthsNOW, Discover YOUR Strengths

How to Develop Your Talents and Those of the People You Manage

Marcus Buckingham

Unfortunately, most of us have little sense of our talents and strengths, much less the ability to build our lives around them.

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Book: Discipline of Market Leaders Discipline of Market Leaders

Choose Your Customers, Narrow Your Focus, Dominate Your Market

Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema

Why can FedEx “absolutely, positively” deliver your package overnight but airlines have trouble keeping track of your bags?

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Book: Six Thinking HatsSix Thinking Hats

Thinking is the Ultimate Human Resource

Edward De Bono

In January 1985 Time magazine chose as “Man of the Year” the person who was ultimately responsible for the Los Angeles Olympic Games. The usual pattern of such games is that they lose hundreds of millions of dollars. .. the 1984 Olympics made a surplus of $250 million.

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Book: What Customers Like About YouWhat Customers Like About You

Adding Emotional Value for Service Excellence and Competitive Advantage

David Freemantle

Once every few years a book comes along which compels managers around the world to sit up and totally re-evaluate their approach to achieving business success.
What Customers Like About You is such a book.

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Book: The Answer to How is YesThe Answer to How is Yes

Acting on What Matters

Peter Block
In The Answer to How is Yes, Block offers the concept of social architect to balance the engineering and economist mindsets that flood most of our institutions.

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Book:E Myth MasteryE Myth Mastery

The Seven Essential Disciplines for Building a World Class Company

Michael E. Gerber

Presenting practical exercises to help small business owners recover their vision and passion, Gerber clears a path for getting back to the basic disciplines for business success.

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Book:The Story FactorThe Story Factor

Inspiration, influence, and persuasion through the art of story telling

Annette Simmons

What’s your story? Who are you? Where do you come from? What do you want? When you seek to influence others you face these questions and more.

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Book:A Whole New MindA Whole New Mind

Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age

Daniel H. Pink

A groundbreaking guide to surviving, thriving, and finding meaning in a world rocked by the outsourcing of jobs abroad and the computerization of our lives. Lawyers. Accountants. Radiologists. Software engineers. That’s what our parents told us to be when we grew up.

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Others not to be missed include:

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Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working for Yourself by Daniel Pink

Lovemarks: the future beyond brands by Kevin Roberts

The Lovemarks Effect: Winning in the Consumer Revolution by Kevin Roberts

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