Facilitation of Workshops

Active participation will ensure people are better engaged and take ownership of the outcomes.

dreamstimeextrasmall_20585753To ensure that your team members are free to fully participate in the processes, it helps to have an independent facilitator. This is particularly important in partnering workshops, so that the customer is not seen to be ‘in control’ of the session, as that can make others more cautious.

A workshop approach ensures that key people have an opportunity to participate at various stages of the process, which helps build their sense of ownership of what is happening. The sessions are very interactive and non-threatening.

The following are examples of workshops we’ve facilitated for our clients:

  • Developing strategies and plans
  • Preparing the team (e.g. for a new relationship, bid presentation, briefing their teams on changes)
  • Early engagement with the other party (both pre-tender and pre-negotiation)
  • Leadership Engagement and Alignment
  • Charter Development  (often a series of workshops at all levels across and within organisations)
  • Engagement model design
  • Risk identification and management planning
  • KPI measures development
  • Relationship Health Check review
  • Relationship refresh sessions

Taylored Solutions team is highly experienced at ensuring engagement and participation in the workshop process. We will monitor the process and time, leaving you and your team to own the content and discussion.

Contact us now to explore how a facilitated workshop can help you improve the value created through your strategic relationships.