Training Courses and Workshops

“If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” Abraham Maslow

In order to succeed in business you need a number of tools in your tool-kit. Training workshops are a practical, fast way of learning and applying new ideas and business tools to help you deal with a variety of problems.

Gillian Taylor, our Managing Director, runs a number of short training courses, seminars and workshops.  Session topics include:

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Managing Client Expectations
  • Strategic Partnering
  • Customer Partnering:  a new way to play the game
  • Sustainable Business Relationships
  • Strategic Thinking and Business Planning
  • Strategic Competitive Analysis.

Her most recent session was on Stakeholder Management. This is a one day in house session, relevant for every organisation to help identify and establish its most important stakeholders and actively manage the relationship to increase stakeholder engagement and satisfaction.  Learning Outcomes  for participants:

  • Have a better understanding about stakeholders and their needs
  • Know how to assess the importance of different stakeholders
  • Understand the different types of strategies that can be applied to stakeholders, depending on their importance to you
  • Know the types of information needed in stakeholder engagement and management plans
  • Understand the importance of having and using a plan to manage relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Identified how their learning impacts and can be applied in their day to day roles.

Click here for a sample Partnering course outline, noting that each programme is tailored to meet the needs of the client and reflect issues that are topical at the time.

Gillian enjoys opportunities to learn, share ideas and concepts, and apply these to business.  Her holistic perspective on organisations enables her to run training courses that are broad and strategic in their approach.

She has provided learning experiences for people through in-house training and workshops for clients,  short seminars,  two day short courses at the University of Auckland Business School, and two day courses in Kuala Lumpur with participants from around South East Asia.


Course participant feedback:

“I found your short course, value for money, and informative. … Already I have seen results, based on the client I used in my case study. In addition to this we have a potentially large partnership agreement with one of our clients in the pipeline, so a lot of what I took from the course we plan to implement in discussions with them.”  Kerry – General Manager

“A well thought out course targeting all the potential pain points organisations face when contemplating partnering as a strategy. The course tutor (Gillian) was fantastic having spent many years in the commercial sector herself. The combination of these two things allowed me to test our commercial assumptions, refine existing strategies and provided us with the tools to evaluate our true position vs perceived position in the partnering process. A worthwhile investment in both time and money”.  Nick – Vertical Markets manager

“I found the Strategic Partnering course was well structured and presented. The practical advice given, provided me with the tools to clarify the pitfalls, benefits and ongoing processes necessary for successful partnering which I was able to use immediately.”  Brenton  – General Manager

“I have been able to use the principles of the Strategic Partnering course to good effect. Offering of your course through the Ak. University was timely for us, as we had not long beforehand identified partnering opportunities with two leading French companies that, like us, operate in the viticulture industry, and we have recently concluded successful partnering agreements with them both. They are important components to our strategy for future commercial success.” Mark – Business Owner

Strategic Thinking and Business Planning: “Very good delivery, clear and focused. I personally think this is a very good course. Not idealistic, but very practical approach” R Abdullah, Malaysia

Sustainable Partnering: “Fantastic course. My experience in Partnership Management is now complemented by a more formal and structured approach”  M Abu Hassan, Malaysia

“Just a very short note to say “thank you” for a really outstanding course this week. I feel I have really gained some significant insights.”

“Great course. Great value and I am already applying the principles internally here with my team and other departments.”

“…given me a comprehensive view of the steps required…in developing a partnership, and the implications and pitfalls that need to be considered.”

“Very practical, hands-on advice”

“Good Presentation, knowledgeable and experienced presenter, good tools.”

“…interactive and fun.”

“speakers and real life examples – especially reality of doing it right, with examples of unsuccessful partnerships.”

“Though provoking”

“Provision of tools and ideas to take back and apply.”

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