Case Studies

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” Albert Einstein

In the past years we have worked with over 50 multi-party relationships, some between two parties and others with more, both within and between organisations.

The following examples and case studies are presented to help you gain insight about your relationships and needs; they will also provide a deeper understanding about the services we offer.

a)      Case Study details and documents

b)      Scenarios: what would you do if …?  summarized case studies (of real events)  that will stimulate your thinking about ‘what would I do in this situation’ – or perhaps how to avoid the situation arising!

c)      Short Snippets – these examples show the type of firm and their needs, as well as an indication of the support provided.

  • Service Firms – unincorporated Joint Venture
    This work was with two firms exploring the potential to work as partners on a large emerging opportunity. Gillian facilitated the strategic discussions and was involved in developing the commercial agreements for an unincorporated Joint Venture. The Governance and engagement models were developed and plans in place should the JV be activated.
  • Roading – facilitate Project Partnering
    This was a large roading project, which required co-ordination across a large number of engineering, consultant, construction and utility organizations. A series of workshops were facilitated to ensure alignment and ownership by the various parties – and to identify issues to be managed. All participant firms signed up to (and ultimately delivered to) the Project Charter.
  • Construction and Services Firm – bid presentation preparation
    The company was shortlisted for a new contract and had a short space of time to prepare for the interactive presentations and workshop, with the intended team taking time away from their current roles for the preparation. Gillian’s role was to guide them through the preparation and presentation development, ensuring they were aligned on their key messages and ready to present themselves as a unified team.
  •  Power sector – develop Relationship and Charter
    In the transition stage of these new service contracts, Gillian coached and developed the Relationship Management team (with representatives from multiple organizations) and supported them in establishing the Engagement Model.
    To develop a Charter that was real and meaningful for everyone, Gillian facilitated sessions at all levels of the organizations, including Executives, Managers and Regional Teams.
    The outcome of this process was extremely positive and the Charter has buy-in at all levels of all organizations. Importantly, the insight (about themselves and others) that leaders gained through the process has ensured a robust relationship.
  • Energy Sector – relationship health checks
    These clients wished to gain a better understanding of their team’s perspectives and relationships. The Health Check surveys that we introduced were used to gain stronger buy-in to the relationship and highlight areas for improvement. There were strong positive trends over time.  One consequence of the team feedback was a ‘refresh’ of the relationship charter.
  • Technology Firm – Shareholder Relationships
    Working with the company Shareholders to establish a shared vision for the company, while ensuring they developed a deeper insight to each others aspirations and intentions as owners. In addition, helped them gain an understanding of the distinctions between their roles as Executives, Owners and Directors.
  • Non Profit Organization – strategic review and planning new models of working
    Developing strategies for sustainability by moving toward Social Enterprise models and engaging in partnering relationships with Commercial enterprise.
  • FMCG Company – strategic relationship review ; relationship dissolution
    This firm is in a challenging industry, and faced some issues with a number of clients. Gillian helped them develop their relationship strategies. Two key outcomes were:
    a)      Established a strategic customer/supplier relationship with largest client, including health checks
    b)      Supported and guided smooth dissolution of another client relationship.
  • Health Sector – relationship review and internal training
    This client wanted a strategic review of critical relationships and development of the most strategic ones. They also had all of their Managers attend in-house training about partnering to help them build stronger relationships and improve their relationship management. This training was based on our University of Auckland Strategic Partnering Short Course.
  • Energy Service Firm – Suppliers and Customer partnering
    The client wanted to introduce a comprehensive partnering programme that spanned Suppliers and Customers. This included developing a Relationship Agreement and conducting Relationship Reviews on performance against the agreement. The Customer Satisfaction levels rose significantly as a result of the performance improvements this programme led to.
  • Government – engagement between Departments and NGOs (Non-Government Organisations)
    Gillian MC’d a forum between Government Agencies and Non-Government Organizations, sometimes up to 70 participants. She also worked with core representatives to establish a clear and aligned purpose, so that people’s expectations of the forum could be appropriately managed.
  • Energy Sector – Alliance Venture
    This Alliance was formed to deliver both ongoing services and specific project work. Gillian facilitated the Alliance Leadership Team and Management Team through the transition and early stages of establishing the relationship. She also helped run briefing and road-show sessions with the wider affected Teams.
    Her ongoing involvement included the periodic Health Checks and review of Team Performance, both of which were KPI’s for the Alliance.
  • Telecommunications – multi-party alliance
    Gillian supported the Alliance Partner Executive representatives (one from each company) in developing the Alliance business model and governance.  This included in introduction of an IP Register to monitor the value contribution of the parties.

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